Last year, i.e. the year 2017 was quite occurring in terms of immigration activities, news, updates and visa rule updates. Some of these changes were improved for the immigration applicants, some were not so charming if we look at the overall immigration events thereon the world.


However, regardless all the events and chaos descend last year, immigration aspirants and applicants are quite apparent about their visa application and immigration opportunity in the New Year 2018.Although, changing immigration rules and act of legislature are tough on immigrants, however, you can make it comparatively simpler with the help of a trusted Immigration Consultancy Service. However, you must choose a registered and accomplished consultancy service for immigration and visa process. Australian Permanent Residency


Valuable Tips for Choosing best Immigration Consultant


Here are a succinct key tips to choose the best immigration consultant for oversea immigration in 2018.


  • Stay away from fraud agents and agencies

Although many immigration consultants are legislation valuable services to the visa and immigration applicants, however, still there are few who embrangle the applicants and spoil the image of some fare counsellor by doing so.Such fake agents can hurt you different ways, i.e. right from the monitory loss to loss of documents, loss of eventuality, and of course the loss of competence for a particular visa or immigration program. Hence, you must discriminate and stay away from such fraudsters.


  • Choose a Registered Consultancy Service

Make somewhat that the Visa and Immigration Documentation Consultancy you choose is authentic and registered with the immigration regulatory body of the province you are moving to.


  • Contact a Consultancy firm and not the agents for freelancers, etc.

The registered Visa Consultancy firms can be believe with their proper officer setup, client repairing team, and registration status. However, the agents and freelancers with no team or position setup, are more likely to cheat you.


  • Stay away from agents and agencies offering job guarantee

The agents and department claiming to provide you job and placement in oversea countries are most often fake. Hence, eternally stay away from such agents, who lure you with attractive job offers.


  • Obtain feedback and research about the background

Obtain the feedback of your consultancy company through authentic testimonials. The testimonials posted in the form of text messages are more likely imitation, hence, trust video testimonials more instead of text messages. Mouth publicity is different way of getting original feedback.


Visas Avenue- a Trusted Overseas Immigration Documentation Consultancy Firm in India


Visas Avenue immigration is a registered and credible Visa and Immigration Documentation Consultancy firm in India that every year helps separate immigration and visa petitioner in the visa documentation process. It helps immigration applicants get lasting residency visa and other visas in top promoted countries, i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany,  etc. Visas Avenue has a tremendous achievement rate for obtaining visa approvals for the applicants, which it also allotment time to time on its website and various social media platforms.


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