The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has revealed new statistics giving an insight into the highest paying Australian jobs in 2018. The top occupations in the list are all from the medical background which requires a number of years of study and extremely demanding work hours.

Here is the list of the highest paying jobs in Australia:

  1. Surgeons: Topping the list of highest paid workers were surgeons based on taxable income. Surgeons, on an average, take home AUD 393,467 per annum, as per
  2. Anesthetists: Anesthetists take the second place with an annual income of AUD 359,056.
  3. Internal medicine specialists: Third place is taken by internal medicine specialists who take home AUD 291,140 per year.
  4. Finance dealer: The only non-medical occupation in the Top 5 was Finance dealer with an annual income of AUD 263,309.
  5. Psychiatrists: With an annual salary of AUD 211,024 fifth place went to psychiatrists.
  6. Other medical practitioners: Other medical practitioners came sixth with an annual income of AUD 199,590.
  7. Judicial and other legal professionals: Legal professionals featured on the seventh position in the list with a salary of AUD 198,219 per annum.
  8. Mining Engineers: Mining Engineers, with an annual salary of AUD 166,557, came in eighth.
  9. Chief Executives and Managing Directors: Chief executives featured ninth with an annual salary of AUD 158,249.
  10. Engineering Managers: Tenth place went to Engineering Managers with an annual salary package of AUD 148,852.

Of the top 10 highest paying jobs, most numbers of Aussies listed their occupation as Chief Executive Officer on their tax return. Almost 166,741 Australians listed CEO as their occupation.

In sharp contrast, only 3822 people in Australia listed their occupation as surgeon on their tax return.

ATO extracted its data from approximately 16 million tax returns filed by 13.5 million people as well as 940,000 organizations, partnerships, super funds, and funds.

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