India has emerged as the top source country of Australian citizens by conferral. It has overtaken the UK in the last 5 years.

Between 2013 and 2017, 118,000 Indian-born have taken up Australian citizenship. India also topped the list of visa recipients under Australia’s permanent immigration scheme.

Australia has approved 54,419 citizenship applications till 28th February 2018. Here is the country-wise breakup of the number of applications:

  1. India: 10,168
  2. United Kingdom: 9,195
  3. South Africa: 2,617
  4. Philippines: 2,399
  5. Australia: 1,996
  6. Sri Lanka: 1,962
  7. Republic of Ireland: 1,731
  8. Peoples Republic of China: 1,559
  9. South Korea: 1,200
  10. Malaysia: 1,193
  11. Other countries: 20,399

Over 22,000 Indians pledged allegiance to Australia in 2016-2017. The UK came second with 19,617 people taking up Australian citizenship.

Since 2013-14, Indian-born immigrants have topped the citizenship ladder in Australia. 26,040 Indian immigrants were conferred Australian citizenship in 2013-14. The UK has been a close second in the last 5 years.

Australian citizenship conferrals have dipped to a 15-year low in 2017-2018, as per SBS. 81,000 immigrants have received citizenship which has been the lowest since 2002-03.

There are increasing concerns regarding a massive backlog of citizenship applications. The backlog has also led to ballooning wait times.

The Dept. of Home Affairs has confirmed that nearly 245,000 applications were waiting to be processed by June this year. The processing time of Australian citizenship by conferral has now risen between 17 and 19 months. However, the Dept. says that measures are being taken to address the increased volume of applications. They anticipate a higher of applications to be processed during the current financial year.

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