Australia denied more than 4,000 citizenship applications last year. Sagar Shah, an Indian, also had his application rejected. He was eligible for Australian citizenship when he lodged his application in 2012. The denial came as a result of what he did after lodging his application.

In 2014, Sagar traveled to India and did not return for the next 3 years. The DIBP refused his application on the basis that he did not intend to stay in Australia. Yes, the Immigration Dept. denies few applications for such reasons.

As per the Dept. of Home Affairs, statistics for denial of citizenship is not available for 2018. The Dept. denied 4,151 citizenship applications in 2016-17, 

Australia denied citizenship requests of 1,866 applicants for failing the citizenship test. The rest failed to prove identity or failed police checks. Some applicants lost their citizenship for their involvement with extremist groups.

Ritnesh Kumar from Fiji was denied citizenship last year. The reason for this was his repeated traffic offenses. The court forbade him from driving for 3 months for driving an unregistered vehicle. The Dubbo Court also fined him $500 for the offense in May 2010. Ritnesh filed for Australian citizenship in December 2015. But, he did not mention his conviction in his citizenship application. Australia denied his application on the grounds of failing to meet character requirements.

Failing to meet character requirements was the foremost reason for citizenship refusal. The next reason for denial of citizenship was the failure to prove identity.

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