Housing more than 1.7 million people, South Australia is the fifth largest state of Australia. South Australia alone has more people than ACT, Northern Territory, and Tasmania combined.

Yet, on Australia Day, there will be more temporary migrants in Australia than the entire population of South Australia. More than 2 million temporary migrants are expected to be in Australia during that time.

Temporary migrants mainly make up of students, foreign workers, tourists, and New Zealanders. They also include working holidaymakers and refugees on protection visas.

As per SBS, there are at present 520,000 tourists in Australia. There are also 330,000 foreign students and 160,000 work visa holders. There are over 150,000 working holidaymakers in the country and over 110,000 bridging visa holders. There are also over 640,000 Kiwis in Australia. These numbers combined make up over 10 times of the total number of permanent visa holders in Australia.

In fact, temporary migrants easily outnumber the number of South Australians in the country. Not only is the size of the group increasing but the impact that it has on the economy is also growing.

In 2016, the tax on backpackers stressed out the farmers in Australia and dominated the political scene. Many employers rely on this group for their workforce requirements like cafes and tech companies. Life can be tough for this group too. There have been instances when vulnerable workers have been exploited.

The politically debated Subclass 457 Visa has now been replaced by the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa. This stream is subdivided into two streams- short and medium term. Only the medium term offers a pathway to Permanent Residency.

A number of people also believe that the increase in temporary visas is a way to appease people who want immigration numbers to be reduced.

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