The Australian Government encourages people to gain
an understanding of Australia, its people and their way of
life, before applying for a visa to live in Australia
This includes understanding that the English language
as the national language, is an important unifying element
of Australian society. Australian society is also united
through the following shared values:

  • respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual;
  • freedom of religion;
  • commitment to the rule of law
  • Parliamentary democracy;
  • equality of men and women;
  • a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect tolerance, fair play and compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good;
  • equality of opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background.

The Life in Australia booklet provides more information
on the values that Australians share and their way of life
This booklet is available in a wide range of languages. If
you have not already received a copy then it can be
obtained from
You must have read the Life in Australia booklet before
completing this application form. If you have difficulty, or
are unable to read the booklet, you may have the content
of it explained to you, for example, by a friend or relative
This form contains a statement, that you must sign, that
confirms you understand and will respect the values of
Australian society (as explained in the booklet) and will
obey the laws of Australia. This includes acknowledging
what would be required if you later applied for Australian
This statement must also be signed by each person ageed
18 years or over, who is included in this form

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