Australian Permanent Residency

The Federal Government is making concessions in skill, income and English language requirements for work visas in regional areas where employers cannot find local workers with relevant skills to fill vacancies. The new agreements also provide migrant workers with a pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

The Federal Government of Australia has opened doors to semi-skilled migrants, in order to fill skill gaps in some regional areas, where they will have a pathway to permanent residence in Australia that was unavailable before.

The move serves as a respite for those affected by the changes to Australia’s immigration program that tightened the requirements for sponsored visas and pruning of the skilled occupation list that made permanent residency difficult for many migrant workers.

Immigration Minister David Coleman said the agreements will support the skills needs of regional Australia where Australian workers are not available to fill those jobs.

“The Government is working to improve our immigration program to better match the needs of specific locations,”

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