Australian citizenship
Australian citizenship

To have their Australian citizenship finalised, More than 198,000 people are waiting .

This Australian Citizenship-Day, counselor are urging the government of Morrison to address the country’s backlog of citizenship applications.

More than 8,000 Australians will become countryman on Tuesday, but the present data show that there are over 198,000 in the line.

Migration Council Australia CEO Carla Wilshear reported that SBS News had reached backlog “a historic high” in recent years.

“Yes, it has decreased slightly [this year], but it is absolutely critical in the context of the last decades and model of migration to Australia,” she said.

“It is captious important… that exceptional resources are devoted to achieving this backlog.

“Citizenship is fundamental in Australia in terms of people’s sentiment and when you run an important migration program, what we want to do is ensure that people are fully bound and committed to Australia, both in the short term and the long term. their lives.”

Ms. Wilshere also expressed concern about processing time for citizenship applications.

While there have been improvements in recent years, the Ministry of Home Affairs Department of Materials has said that 90 % of applications for citizenship still take 2 years to be processed.

Ms Wilshear said “Often people’s lives are in different ways … Prolonged waiting has an impact on people,” .

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