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Master to Diploma Student Visa (Subclass 500)


Many students arrive in Australia to pursue their higher studies. But the most important thing is to pursue the course that interests you.

We have seen many students enrolling in Bachelor of Maser level courses and couldn’t finish their courses as their interests have changed. It is normal for students at this age as we always need
to do the things that interests us.

Now can you study the diploma level courses when your visa is granted for higher education sector?

Yes, you can pursue diploma level courses until you are pursuing the course in Higher education sector. If you only want to pursue Certificate of Diploma level courses by not enrolling in higher levels, then you will be breaching your visa condition 8202 which may result in cancellation of your visa.

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What is the alternative?

You need to apply for a new student visa in order not to breach your visa conditions.

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