Australia’s migration intake has come down to 160,000 – the lowest in a decade – as the Morrison government launched a global hunt for “exceptionally efficient” recruits to increase productivity across the country.

Last month, after industry leaders warned of a skills shortage that could threaten the delivery of an unprecedented pipeline of infrastructure projects, Immigration Minister David Coleman outlines efforts to tackle the employment crisis in regional Australia will draw.

Mr. Coleman, who is running the Global Talent Independent program with 5,000 locations, has set out differently for “the best and the brightest” foreign employers, saying it was important to plug the employment gap nationwide.

Australians can state that 160,323 permanent visas were given under the 2018-2019 immigration program.

The Permanent-Migration-Program, which reached a high of 190,000 under Labor govers, will be capped at an yearly rate of 160,000 over the next 4 years, and includes the provision of 23,000 regional visas yearly.

As a result of the cap, the government expects the number of permanent immigrants to be even decrease in the coming 4 years. In 2012–13 & 2013–14, the Permanent Migration Program was affected by 190,000 & remained above 183,000 between 2011–12 & 2016–17.

Mr Coleman, who will be releasing the 2018-19 data in regional Victoria on Thursday, said the government’s “population plan” was intended to pressurize development in these small towns and regions, which would allow more people in these smaller cities and regions Wanted to “.

“We have decreased the number of the coming year from 190,000 to 160,000 under the immigration program for the coming year,”. “This year we have dedicated 23,000 places for regional skilled migrants and announced two new regional visas. To help fill some of the thousands of job positions in regional Australia. said by Mr. Coleman

“We’re directing migration to those smaller cities and regional areas that are crying out for more people and those regional economies that simply cannot fill all available jobs with local workers.”

Mr. Coleman, who will meet dairy farmers in the Waranambol area, along with the area’s MP, Education Minister Dan Tehan, said an important focus was ensuring that regional centers, which could report about 60,000 employment vacancies , The source employer can.

In June, the government awarded Waranambool a designated area immigration agreement, with the aim of tackling chronic employ shortages in regional parts.

Migration Intake
Migration Intake
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