Appeals, reply to NOICC and waiver requests

At BANSAL Immigration, we deal with appeals within the department to request, to reconsider the decision as well as appeals for the merit review to the tribunal.

If your Australian visa is refused or cancelled than in most instances you have the right to appeal that decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (formerly known as MRT/RRT).

We can not-only assist you with the lodgement of the application, but can also help you with the preparation of submission addressing the refusal or cancellation grounds. We willalso assist you withthe right strategies that can maximise your chances of winning the case. We will guide you to gather relevant evidences to support your claim. We will liaise with the Tribunal as well as other parties that may be involved. We will also represent you at the hearing for the best outcome of your appeal application.

In case, we feel that the chances of winning the case at Tribunal are very low , we will also advice other more appropriate/ suitable options, such as any other appropriate visa subclass or appealing directly to the Minister (known as ministerial intervention).

We will explain you the whole process in the form of a flow chart to boost your confidence when appearing at the AAT. We also conduct mock interviews to give you an idea of what to except at the hearing.


Waiver request

We can also help you with the preparation of response letter to the cancellation notices that you may have received. In some instances we were able to convince the department to not cancel the applicant’s visa, which saved them from lengthy merit review process.

If for any reasons, your current bridging visa does not allow you to study, work or travel outside Australia. We can assist you by preparing the application along with our submission to convince the case officer to grant you the desired rights of studying, working or travelling.

Other waiver requests may include wavier for schedule 3, health criteria, character criteria or public interest criteria (PIC 4020) etc.

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