Australia’s Department of Home Affairs has released a new and updated occupations list for Australia skilled visa.

The new list has 36 more occupations than the previous list. At least 32 occupations are newly added.

“Professional occupations are highly in demand. Australia is welcoming permanent migration in this sector and also welcoming students so these sectors can be built in the longer term,” says Chaman Preet, a Melbourne-based migration and education expert.

“The outlook of this list is more academic.

“Occupations like University lecturer, Botanist, Metallurgist send a message that highly professional people are welcome in Australia. Statistician and Economist are added to the list to attract professionals from around the world,” 

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs David Coleman said the Government continues to focus the migration program on addressing skills gaps in the economy and these initiatives demonstrate that commitment.

Here are the new occupations added to the combined list:

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

1. Musician (Instrumental)
2. Environmental Manager
3. Statistician
4. Economist
5. Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum)
6. Petroleum Engineer
7. Engineering Professionals (NEC)
8. Chemist
9. Food Technologist
10. Environmental Consultant
11. Environmental Research Scientist
12. Environmental Scientist (nec)
13. Geophysicist
14. Hydrogeologist
15. Life Scientist (general)
16. Biochemist
17. Biotechnologist
18. Botanist
19. Marine Biologist
20. Microbiologist
21. Zoologist
22. Life Scientist (nec)
23. Conservator
24. Metallurgist
25. Meteorologist
26. Natural and Physical Science Professionals (nec)
27. University Lecturer
28. Multimedia specialist 
29. Software and applications programmers (nec)
30. Horse Trainer

Regional Occupation List:

1. Deer Farmer
2. Goat Farmer

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