PR of Australia
PR of Australia

\The Australian Government has issued two new regional visa related regulations which will be available from Nov,2019. Subclass-489 visa will be closed from 16 Nov,2019. The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs has announced that nominations and exit invitations will be in place for the states and territories on the last day for subclass-489 applicants by 10 Sep,2019.

Some states are progressively closing their subclass-489 talented regional state enrollment program for new applications. Below are the latest state announcements. A new talented employment regional (provisional-491) visa will be displayed on 16 Nov,2019 and will replace the 489 visa.

The 2 new regional (provisional-visas) :

Subclass-491 Skilled employment Regional (Provisional) Visa: This visa has 14,000 allocated places per year to implement the current 489 visas and start on November 16, 2019. It is a talented immigration (marks tested) visa requiring state government nomination, or sponsored by a qualified family member who settles in a designated territorial area. The age limit for this visa is forty five years and you must have positive talent assessment.

Subclass-494 Skilled worker Sponsored: Implementing the current 187 (RSMS) visa and starting on Nov 16, 2019, this visa has allocated 9,000 location annualy. This requires sponsorship of the worker and the position is likely to exist for five years. It must meet the age limit of 45 years, competent English, RCB advice and AMSR. Visa applicants must have an appropriate talent assessment and at least three years of talented employment.

Subclass-191 [PR] Permanent residency : To meet the conditions of permanent visa (from Nov ,2022) applicants must have a subclass-491 or 494 visa for a at least of three years, have complied with the situation of that visa and have a at least Taxable income requirements are met.

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