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New RSMS Visa (subclass 494) – Your Pathway to Permanent Residency

Bansal Immigration is the one-stop solution for all your visa requirements. We provide you with proper consultation and guidance for the new RSMS visa (subclass 494). The new visa that came into action on 16th November 2019 enables Australian employers to overcome the shortage of pertinent skilled Australian workers. Australian businesses can nominate skilled migrants for a provisional visa from outside Australia. 

At Bansal Immigration, we shall provide you with guidance on positions that are nominated by the employers and the other matters concerning the new RSMS visa. We do not believe in taking the cookie-cutter approach but dedicate our time and attention to your individual needs and develop the best visa solutions. 

The 494 visa has a validity of 5 years and you get a permanent visa only after living, working and/or studying in regional Australia for at least 3 years. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are not included as regional areas. In addition to this, the holders of this visa won’t be able to apply for other skills-based visas before completing 3 years. 

Why opt for a 494 visa?

Once you have 494 visas on hand, you do not need a second nomination to grant permanent residency. In addition to this, the employer will bear fewer expenses as there would be just one SAF levy stage.

Why Bansal Immigration?

Our experienced team will provide personalised visa services. We shall assist you in completing your visa procedure with precision and speed. Additionally, we take pride in all our services across Australia.

The following conditions must be fulfilled to gain Permanent Residency in Australia

  • The visa holder will have to live and work for 3 years in regional areas
  • The visa holder can move between jobs but will have only 90 days to find a new nominator
  • The visa holder cannot apply for any other skilled PR or 820 partner visa for 3 years
  • The visa holder will be eligible for Medicare and health insurance will not be required. 

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