Many of the updates to the Subclass 457 Temporary Work visa are required to be replicated in the future Temporary Skill Shortage visa system after March 2018, as the government focuses on enhanced ‘integrity’ reforms while streamlining assessment procedure. Users of the program should be aware that it is copious likely additional 457 visa updates will continue to occur through until implementation of the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.


457 visa updates – transitional arrangements for 186 and 187

Significantly, the Department lately released updates on transitional arrangements for 457 visa holder’s postulate to apply for permanent residency from March 2018. These announcements are welcome though Hammond Taylor will sustain to push for further details to better understand the influence of the proposals.


457 visa updates – health insurance evidence

From 18 November 2017, supplicant for the 457 visa will no longer need provide evidence sustaining they hold appropriate health insurance coverage in support of their visa application. Instead petitioner will be required to signalize that they have made suitable arrangements in the online application form.


Applicants will still be expected to maintain suitable health insurance (or hold Medicare where eligible) as a condition of their visa. Failure to observe with this requirement may result in visa cancellation.


Initiating penal clearances prior to visa application lodgement

As part of the 1 July changes to the schedule, 457 visa holders must provide evidence of good personage, in the form of a police clearance from each country they have transmigrate in for more than 12 months over the course of the past 10 years. The Department have proposed a service to provide visa petitioner with a letter for overseas authorities, prior to lodgement of the 457 application, to obtain the police regression in order to reduce processing times.


These certificate are only needed where overseas authorities refuse to issue police clearances without a clear instance from the Australian government. This includes Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, among others.


Failure to endow the police clearance at time of lodgement, or presently thereafter, can result in slower processing times for the 457 visa.


For information on how to receive police clearances in subscribe contact Hammond Taylor today.


457 visa integrity concerns

A number of new visa situation, and changes to existing conditions, have contracted effect from 18 November 2017. These include:


  • Increase of the duration of Public Interest Criterion 4020 (Bogus documents or knowledge that is false or misleading) from 12 months to 10 years
  • Acquaintance of new Condition 8602 which interdict the holder from having an arrearage public health debt (exceptions exist for costs that are met by private health insurance, Medicare, etc.)
  • New visa Condition 8303 will prohibit commotion that endanger or threaten any individual, or activities deleterious to, or violence threatening harm to, the Australian community or a group within the Australian community.
  • Visa Condition 8304 which postulate temporary visa holders to identify themselves by the same name in all conduct with Commonwealth, state or territory government agencies. If you transformation your name, you must inform all government agencies of this name change, including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, as soon as potential.
  • Visa Condition 8564 will require individuals not to countersink in criminal conduct. Individuals who are subject to this prerequisite, and who receive a criminal conviction pending their stay in Australia, may have their visa canceled.

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