Partner Visa
Partner Visa

Current Process

Under the current partner visa orderly process , you & your mate should apply together. You can apply for a partner visa either from foreign (under Visa subclasses-309 & 100) or within Australia (under Visa subclasses-820 & 801).

As part of the application, you & your mate will need to prepare proof to show that your relationship is genuine and on going . Both will also both need to give a copy of your:

  • work-history
  • travel-history
  • residency-history
  • police-checks
  • witness-statements.

Once you have filled partner-visa & is accepted by the Department of Home Affairs, you can apply for a bridging visa. This visa will permit you to remain in Australia after your current visa becomes out of date . In many cases, a bridging visa will allow you to:

  • Let you work in Australia;
  • Let you study in Australia; and
  • Let you access Australian healthcare.

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