We once exhausted hours convincing a legation worker that we were, in fact, the same person in the photo on our license, after weeks of travel that had left us DISHEVELLED, to say the least.



Fortunately, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says passport-free travel is “very close” now, with technology permit Australians to walk directly from flight to car park without having to fish your passport.


Dutton told the National Press Club the procedure was beforehand being tested in Canberra with a 90% success rate, reports.


“I want them to iteration seamlessly … off the A380 and — in time, and we’re not far off this — with facial recognizance on the move, peoples’ passports will stay in their knapsack,” Dutton said.


“They will iteration from the plane out to the curb-side and dismiss the airport.”


A wide-ranging transmutation of visa system is in the works, which could mean a private company designing, installing and operational technology to monitor the repairing 8.5 million annual visa applications. Australia Immigration Services


Dutton says the transmutation is needed, as the flow of experiment has grown too big for human handling.


I don’t have the personnel, and never will, to provide the scrutiny that’s expected that we can now deliver through technology,” he said.


“We’re presumably maybe a generation, a technology generation, off it, so a pair of years.




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