Spouse Visa
Spouse Visa

You can either be in Australia when applying for a spouse visa for Australia, although there are advantages to applying from within Australia. Please contact us for advice on getting a spouse visa.

Once your initial application is received, you will be issued with an additional eligibility temporary visa. This will allow you to live in Australia for 24 months and you will have full working rights during this time.

In some situation , it is not important to wait the 24-months time before applying for PR. This may happen if:

  • You have been in a relationship with your spouse for 5 years or more at the period of application.
  • You have been in a relationship for 24 months where the relationship has dependent kids.
  • Your husband was given a PR or was granted a security visa under the humanitarian-program and was in a relationship with you before the visa was given and the relationship was declared to Australian immigration authorities at the time.

After a period of 24 months, you will be entitled to apply for PR in Australia provided that your relationship is still ongoing.

In some SITUATION , you may be eligible for PR even if the relationship has broken up before the end of the 24 month period. These situation include:

  • If your spouse has expired during this time period. 
  • If you and your Australian spouse have kids under 18 years of age. 
  • If you or your dependents have been subject to domestic problems during this time.
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