Quarantine Free Travel Between Australia and New Zealand. - Bansal Immigration - Your Future, Our Priority

Mark the date 19 April 2021 was the summary of the press conference held by New Zealand Prime minister Ms. Ardern on 06 April 2021. Two-way quarantine-free travel (Trans-Tasman Bubble) between neighboring countries Australia and New Zealand is scheduled to start on 18 April 2021 at 11:59 PM where people can travel, meet their family, friends and also improve business relations. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison welcomed the decision taken by both the governments in enhancing the relationships.

Ms. Ardern added, “While quarantine-free travel to Australia and vice versa will start in a fortnight, it will not be what it was pre-COVID”. Also, this quarantine-free travel is managed in 3 situations depending upon the number of COVID cases. This includes QFT Continue, QFT Pause, QFT Suspend.

What does this mean for People arriving in Australia?

People who resided in New Zealand for the past 14 days can now travel to Australia by air without applying for any travel exemption. However, a Travel exemption is required for one arriving in Australia by Sea or the length of stay is less than 14 days in New Zealand.

Can people on Temporary Visas arrive in Australia?

Any traveler who resides in New Zealand 14 days before the travel date and has a valid visa to stay in Australia is eligible to arrive in Australia starting from 19 April 2021.

72 hours prior the departure, the Australian Travel Declaration form needs to be filled out by the people who wish to arrive in Australia so that the government can assess the information including their health condition in order to make quarantine arrangements if necessary.

Can people who reside in Australia travel to New Zealand require outbound travel exemption?

No, with the implementation of the Trans-Tasman bubble, travelers currently in Australia can travel to New Zealand without any outbound travel exemption. People are free to travel between these two countries starting 19 April 2021.

People with S48 imposed on their visa?

Many applicants with s48 ban imposed will need to travel offshore to apply for a new visa including skilled migration options. Using this Trans-Tasman bubble, people can easily travel offshore while they lodge a new visa application. 

What does it mean for Migration to Australia?

Considering this as a first step to bring people back to the country, migration to Australia still remains to be a ray of hope Seeing the travel ban continuing till July 2021. With strict rules being implemented in both the countries, it is very difficult for one to enter who are residing outside these countries.