Immigrants with Regional / R Australia Visa will have to remain in the designated areas in regional Australia. If they relocate to other areas their Visas will get cancelled. They will also face the risk of deportation. These policies are a part of the new population plan of the Federal Government.

The Federal Australian Government has already announced funding of $19.4 million. This is under a new plan for busting congestion. It will prioritize the processing of R Australia Visa for immigrants ready to settle in regional Australia. On the other hand, their Visas will get cancelled if they relocate from those areas. This is prior to obtaining the Australia PR Visa, as quoted by the SBS.

David Coleman the Immigration Minister said that R Australia Visa is applicable for working in the specified area. The Visa holders cannot relocate to work in any other area in Australia. The Visa is in fact linked to the specified area, he added.

The Minister added that they will have to apply for another Australia Visa for relocation. They would not be having that and frankly will not be able to obtain that as well. They will not get the Australia PR Visa in that scenario, explained Coleman.

The plan is to encourage immigrants to move to regional areas said, Coleman. These are those that have had constant issues of scarcity of workers, he added. People who move to regional areas will also be offered incentives, he said. It will be our focus to encourage and ensure that people move to these areas for building communities, said Coleman.

The processing times for R Australia Visa will be reduced said the Immigration Minister. It is a good incentive for encouraging people to immigrate to regional Australia, he said.

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