Pauline Hanson has used the plight of Saudi refugee Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun to urge the Morrison government to restrict migrants from hardline Muslim countries.

In a letter to Immigration Minister David Coleman, obtained by The Weekend Australian, the One Nation leader said the case of Ms Qunun highlighted “fatal flaws in Australia’s immigration laws”.

The Department of Home Affairs is considering granting Ms Qunun a humanitarian visa after she was this week found to be a refugee by the UN. Ms Qunun was stopped by authorities in Thailand on Monday, where she remains, after fleeing her homeland for Australia due to fears her family would kill her for leaving the Islamic faith.

Senator Hanson questioned whether Australia’s non-discriminatory migration program would prevent members of Ms Qunun’s family from entering Australia.

“As an ex-Muslim, she has every reason to fear she might suffer death at the hands of extremists in her country of Saudi Arabia because of her decision to reject Islam. However, there have been some important issues left out of the debate that need to be addressed,” Senator Hanson wrote.
“If the people of Ms al-Qunun’s country pose such an immediate threat to her safety, should we not be offering the Australian public stronger protections against those same people? The issue of Islamic extremism has never been a racial issue. It has always been an ideological issue … our immigration program does not do enough to screen people of extreme ideological belief.”
Senator Hanson’s renewed call for an overhaul of Muslim immigration came as controversial Queensland senator Fraser Anning, who was elected on the One Nation ticket, sought to create his own party, less than three months after being chucked out of Bob Katter’s Australia Party.
The full name of the proposed party is Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, which would be abbreviated to the Conservative Nationals. The Weekend Australian has been told the Nationals are likely to lodge an objection to the name.
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