Visa Rejection
Visa Rejection
  • Application filed below the wrong visa-subclass

It is worthwhile to understand the visa application below which you are applying to prevent the loss of the latter. The majority of applicant apply through talented emigration, such as Australia talented Independent Visa-189, Australia Skilled selected Visa-190, and Australia Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass-489.

Visa-189 and Visa-190 are persistent visas, while subclass 489 is a substitute visa which will soon become non-existent. A new Visa class subclass will take 491 Visa to 489.

  • Disagree the conditions of your previous visa

Your PR-visa application may be refused if it is found that you violated the terms of your following terminable visa. Applicants who have expired their temporary visas will also face PR-visa rejection

  • Incomplete or incorrect information granted on the visa application

Your PR visa application may be denied if it is found deficient or the information provided is disagreeing . It is advised to triple check your visa application before capitulate . Support with the evidence to prevent any discrepancy later.

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