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Refund requests can be made for various reasons from a university/college. These reasons are subjectively ranging from personal to the university experience and so on. The following guide will give you insights on the same.

This procedure of refund supports the Admissions Policy and Enrolment Policy by stating:

  1. the conditions under which an international applicant for admission to a course at any University in Australia, who does not take up their course may receive a full refund of tuition fees, or a partial refund, or no refund;
  2. the processes for applications for tuition fee refunds; and
  3. the avenue for review of a decision to refund, partial refund, or not refund students’ tuition fees.

What is the PROCESS of refund?

The Division of Student Administration (DSA) is responsible for monitoring international student enrolments in accordance with ESOS requirements. This also includes conducting a preface assessment of international student refund applications before referring them to the Division of Finance for processing. When an international student claims exceptional circumstances as a factor in their refund request, DSA will refer the application to the Executive Director, Division of Student Administration, or delegate for assessment before it can be processed by the Division of Finance. This department will then process all international student refund applications once they have been approved and referred to them by DSA. 

Course withdrawal

Students from all over the world studying in Australia are strongly encouraged to discuss any notion related to withdrawing from their course with the University. You also have to keep in mind that before doing so, this will result in the cancellation of their confirmation of enrolment (COE) which may lead to the cancellation of your student visa.

Students who are seeking to transfer courses within their University are advised to submit their application for admission to study in their new course before submitting any request for course withdrawal. On the other hand, if you want to transfer your enrolment to another educator provider, then you must follow the process outlined in the International On-Shore Students – Provider Transfer Policy. In order to withdraw from the course, international students must submit a request in writing to the Division of Student Administration, after which the University will cancel their confirmation of enrolment and report this change in current enrolment status to the government. Students must directly contact the  Department of Home Affairs to discuss the impact this will have on their student visa.


Depending on the timing of a student’s request to withdraw from their course and/or subjects, international students may be eligible for a full or partial refund of the tuition fees they have paid to the University.

  • International students who want a refund must follow the instructions outlined on the relevant refund application form and attach the required supporting documentation before submitting their request.
  • If the applications for a refund of tuition fees is submitted within 12 months from the end date of the session for which the tuition fees were charged, then only it will be considered.
  • Applications for a refund are based on the tuition fees that have been paid for each subject. Students must mention each subject they are requesting a refund for on their application form.


The University in which you are studying will normally pay tuition fee refunds within four weeks of:

  1. receiving the refund request from the student, if no exceptional circumstances are claimed; or
  2. an approved refund decision, if the student is claiming exceptional circumstances that need to be assessed before their refund payment can be processed.

Tuition fee refunds will be paid in the Australian dollars to the credit card or bank account of the student or a nominated third party bank account authorized by the student.  Please note that the University will not compensate for the payer of the fees for any exchange rate changes or funds transfer costs.


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