Mixed race Australian young woman at the beach with the Australian National Flag.

This is good news for permanent residents who have already applied for Australian Citizenship that after a brief slowdown, the approvals for Australian Citizenship is gaining momentum. David Coleman, Immigration Minister said more than 50,000 applications have been approved in the first five months of 2018-19. This is in fact the double of number of applications approved during the same period in the previous year.

Last year, only 80,562 applications were approved in whole year for Australian Citizenship and the lowest so far since 2002-03 when only 79,000 people were granted Australian Citizenship. Also, the Immigration Minister expects citizenship numbers to go up by 20,000 over the next two months. In 2018, July and November almost 58,000 citizenship applications have been processed.

The Department of Home Affairs had faced criticism over rising wait time for citizenship approval previous year. There were nearly 245,000 pending citizenship applications by the end of 2017-18. The Australian Citizenship processing time is 19 to 22 months currently.

The previously increased in processing time was due to concerns over national security and also because of the complication in the permanent residency cases.

Mr. Coleman said the Department has been directing more resources towards citizenship application processing. Additionally, the employment of special task force is also done to handle the complicated cases. The extra staff is also hired and trained that has cost the Government $9 million as per SBS News. The government has put in extra efforts to ensure the smooth processing of Australian Citizenship case.

The Immigration Minister said that the citizenship applications will be processed according to the measures introduced in 2015. Also, with the upcoming of new rules for applying Australian Citizenship, the government makes sure to give the privilege to only those who respect the country’s laws and support its values.

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