A new points system and a new Regional Visa have been introduced by the Australian Govt.

Here are the changes that have been introduced to the points-tested system:

  1. If you have a “skilled” spouse or common-law partner, you get 10 points
  2. If you are sponsored by a family member in a regional area or by the Govt. of a State or Territory, you get 10 points
  3. For having specific STEM qualification, you earn 10 points
  4. Applicants who are single (who do not have a spouse or common-law partner) get 10 points
  5. If your spouse or common-law partner can demonstrate Competent English you can earn 5 points

The new points-system gives extra points for single applicants. The earlier points-system gave married applicants an edge as they were able to claim points for their partner’s skills.

The points-system of Australia has been revised following the advice of the Productivity Commission. The Commission had recommended the revision of the same so that a partner’s skills could contribute to the points of the primary applicant.

The Commission pointed that 50% of the permanent intake of Australia consists of secondary applicants. Many secondary applicants have limited skills. However, a majority of them are well-skilled to be able to contribute to the Australian economy.

Immigration experts believe that the new points system will benefit skilled applicants with better English proficiency.

Also, single applicants and applicants with skilled partners will receive more preference, 

Applicants whose partner’s are unskilled or who do not have the required English competency will be ranked lower than the others.

Australia’s new point system will come into effect from 16th November 2019.

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