South Australia opened the state enrollment program in July this year. Ever since Immigration South Australia (SA) has received a large number of applications.

States and territories can only nominate candidates for subclass 489 visas by September 10. This is as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Enrolled applicants will get 60 days to lobby for their subclass 489 visa application. Subclass 489 visa will expire on 15 November 2019. The new subclass 491 skilled work regional provisional visa will replace subclass 489 visa from 16 November.

Asylum SA has stopped  confirming subclass 489 applications from 14 Aug, 2019. This is done to enable the immigration SA to deal with the huge volume of applications. Applications that were saved but not capitulated are also removed.

Immigration SA is presently processing subclass 489 applications to meet the Sep 10 deadline set by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Subclass 190 applications will not be affected and South Australia will continue to accept them currently. However, according to SBS News, processing of subclass 190 applications will resume after the September 10 deadline.

For onshore subclass 190 visa applicants, if you have an imminent document expiration, you can check online at the Immigration SA website. Immigration SA takes 7 business days to respond to your inquiry.

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