Steven Marshall

Steven Marshall, the Premier of SA, says that South Australia needs more skilled migrants. He called on the PM of Australia to consider the requirements of the regional areas.

Mr Marshall said that unlike Sydney and Melbourne, the needs for states like SA, Tasmania, and NT are different. He feels that the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) should be extended to these states as well. This will help bring in skilled migrants to those regions in Australia which need them the most.

In order to fill in the labour shortage, Mr Marshall plans to put in place incentive plans for international students. He also wants to encourage local residents to live and work in South Australia. However, as per data, about 5,000 locals leave SA each year, as per SBS News.

Simon Kennedy runs a pipe fabrication business in Port Adelaide in South Australia. He says that he puts out advertisements regularly for new recruits. But most of the times, he is unable to find local Australians to fill in these jobs. He says that there are not enough skilled tradesmen in South Australia. With the coming defence boom, there is a greater need for more skilled migrants.

Nigel McBride, the Chief Executive of Business SA, says that many employers in SA share a similar view. He feels that the immigration policies are only responding to the complaints of Melbourne and Sydney. The current immigration policies of Australia do not recognize the needs of the regional areas across Australia.

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