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Student Visa for Australia


A journey for 10,000 miles starts with one single step.

If you have chosen Australia as your educational destination for your preferred course, then your first step is laid in your remarkable journey.  

Often students from India choose to pursue their studies in the USA, CANADA, or UK, but pursuing studies in Australia has its own perks and benefits.  Did you know that 5 out of the top 100 universities in the world are in Australia? So, why wait? Let us help you guide through the entire process by being with you in every step.

Our qualified Education consultant can help guide you in getting an admission suiting your needs. Securing admission in Australian Institutes is a competitive process. But we are here and do not worry.

A student visa is also known as Subclass 500 visa. It is the visa issued for international students allowing them to pursue their studies in Australia. It is often grated up to 5 years depending on the length of the course. Being a Temporary visa, if you are unable to complete your course in your visa tenure, you can always apply for a student visa extension. Once you complete your studies, you will be eligible for a lodging Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485 Visa) and other visas.

Student visa eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant must be at least 6 years old at the time of applying for this visa.
  2. You must enroll in a full-time registered course and provide Confirmation of enrolment (CoE) at the time of application.
    1. The gap between the two package courses should not exceed 2 months. The only exception is if it is the end of the current year and the next course starts next year.
  3. If you are a minor (under 18 years old), then you must have adequate welfare arrangements in place.
  4. You must meet the English Language requirements. Department may ask you to provide evidence. You may be exempted if any of the following applies:

  1. if you are a passport holder of any English speaking country such as the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, or the Republic of Ireland.
    1. You are Foreign Affairs or Defence sponsored or exchange student.
    2. Only studying English or ELICOS in Australia.
    3. You have studied for 5 years in any English-speaking country. English speaking countries are the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, or the Republic of Ireland.
    4. If you have completed your Year 12 or a substantial part of Certificate IV or higher in Australia. Substantial has not been defined in legislation. It is generally accepted that 50% completed the course will meet the requirement.
  2. You must hold and provide a valid Overseas student health cover (OSHC) for your entire visa tenure. If your family members are also included in the application, then they must hold the visa as well.
  3. You must meet the financial requirements. You must demonstrate the sufficient access of funds for one year. Use of Student visa financial calculator.
  4. You must meet the Genuine temporary entrant criteria. Our qualified Team can assist you in writing the statement.
  5. You need to meet health requirements. You need to undertake the visa medical examinations in the last 12 months prior to the lodgement of visa application.
  6. You must meet the character requirements

English language Requirements:

language test providers
score and at least 10 weeks English Language Intensive Courses for
Overseas Students (ELICOS)
score and at least 20 weeks ELICOS
English Language Testing System (IELTS)
5.5 5 4.5
TOEFL internet-based test 46 35 32
English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English)
162 154 147
Pearson Test of English Academic
(PTE Academic)
42 36 30
English Test
B for
each test component

*test must be undertaken in the last 24 months prior to the date of visa application

Student visa processing time:

Once the application is submitted and all the documents are uploaded, it takes around 3-5 months. (Time period may vary)

Student visa Application fee (in AUD):

Applicant can always include their family members who wishes to accompany them while they study in Australia.

TU500 Student ELICOS Sector 620.00
Additional Applicant Charge 18+ 460.00
Additional Applicant Charge U18 150.00

*Additional cost includes overseas student health cover, biometrics and health checks. In some cases, you can be also asked to provide police checks to prove your character.

If you want to include your dependents in your application, visit Student subsequent entrant visa for more information.

Student visa conditions:

8105 – Work limitation

This condition means that you must not engage in any work before your course of study

commences. You are also not permitted to work more than 40 hours per fortnight when you

are in Australia when your course of study is in session.

Note the 40 hour requirement does not apply if you are engaged in work that was

specified as a requirement of the course when the course particulars were entered into the

Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students and the student

visa was granted for a masters degree by research or doctoral degree

8202 – Meet course requirements

This condition means that you must be enrolled in a full-time course and satisfy the course

requirements of your enrolment including the course level, course progress and course

attendance. Unless you are a Defence, Foreign Affairs orsecondary exchange student, the course you are undertaking must be a registeredcourse with the Commonwealth Register of

Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

The course you are undertaking must give you a qualification from the Australian

Qualifications Framework that is at the same level or higher level than the course mentioned

in your grant letter.

8501 – Maintain health insurance

This condition means that you must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance

(generally Overseas Student Health Cover) while you are in Australia. You must not enter

Australia before your Overseas Student Health Cover has begun. You are not permitted

to remain in Australia after your Overseas Student Health Cover has expired. If you are a

student from Norway, Belgium or Sweden you may not need to maintain Overseas Student

Health Cover.

More information:


8516 – Must maintain eligibility

This condition means that you must continue to maintainyour eligibility as a person who

would satisfy the criteria for the grant of your visa.

8517 – Maintain education for dependants

This condition means that you must ensure that adequate schooling arrangements are

maintained for your school age dependants who will be in Australia for more than three

months on the visa.

8532 – Under 18 approve welfare

This condition means that you must maintain adequate accommodation, support and general

welfare arrangements. You are not permitted to change those arrangements without the

approval of your education provider. This should be in writing. You are not allowed to enter

Australia before the date specified by your education provider.

8533 – Inform provider of address

This condition means that you must notify your education provider within seven days after

arriving in Australia of your residential address (if you were outside of Australia at time of

grant). In all cases, you are also required to notify them of any change to your residential

address in Australia within seven days after the change.

If you intend to change education provider you are required to notify your former education

provider within seven days after receiving an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or

other evidence of enrolment.

How can we help?

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