Changes, critical dimension and key aspects of the decretive instrument for Subclass 482

Compliance with Training Benchmarks after SBS grant


  • The interpretation of ‘Australian employee’ has changed from ‘an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident’ to ‘an Australian citizen or Australian permanent inhabitant who is an employee for the intention of the Fair Work Act 2009’;
  • ‘Employee’, which was not defined, now ‘has the interpretation provided by section 15 of the Fair Work Act 2009’.


Specification of occupations eleutheros from Labour Market Testing

  • The new instrument estimate occupations exempt from LMT with reference to the present ANZSCO ABS publication in impact as of 18 March 2018


LMT period requirements for new nomination application

  • The period pending which LMT must be undertaken has changed from 12 months to:

o    (a) for a enrolment application lodged on or after 18 March 2018 and before 18 June 2018 – the 12 month period instantly before the nomination application form is lodged.

o    (b) for a nomination experiment lodged on or after 18 June 2018 – the 6 month period instantly before the nomination application form is lodged.


Mandatory skills evaluation under Schedule 1 of the Regulations

  • The above equipment turns into law what was simply policy before;
  • Two occupations have been as stipulated: Program or Project Administrator and Specialist managers (nec);
  • The positive skills evaluation must have been obtained within 3 years before the time of petition for the visa;
  • An substitute “arrangement” with the skills assessor is referenced, as are discount for some 457 and 482 holders


Sponsorship Applications and Nominations

  • As permit by Regs 2.61(3B)(a) and 2.73(7), there are circumstances in which an experiment for SBS and nomination, respectively, may be made in an alternative way. The new equipment replaces one of the required circumstances from ‘the required time for the problem to be revised will fall outside of the Department’s business hours’ to ‘it is more likely than not that the problem will not be corrected by the end of the business day on which the problem is identified by the Department’.
  • The new appliance specifies same-day email submission and a special email address to be used if ceremonial to lodge manually


Specification of Occupations

  •  The 457 STSOL was catalogued first and now the 482 MLTSSL is listed first (easy to get confused)
  •   Occupation ‘deflected’ from the 457 MLTSSL: Horse progenitor
  •   Occupations ‘removed’ from the 457 STSOL:
  •   post office manager
  •   fitness centre manager
  •   sports centre manager
  •    aeroplane pilot
  •    flying instructor
  •    Various caveats removed
  •    helicopter pillot
  •    wine maker
  •    agricultural technician
  •    property manager
  •    real estate representative


482(TSS) English Language Requirements


  • Test date as stipulated as 3 years prior to date of application; test dates after date of petition no longer recognized as they were on the subclass 457 visa
  • TOEFL overall diminished from 36 for 457 visa to 35 for 482 ST (Short term) stream
  • Various enhancement to test score requirements for 482 MT.
  • Language signalize all components of the language test must be contracted on the same day in a single attempt



482 Calculation of Australian Market Salary Rate (AMSR), TSMIT and Related


  • TSMIT is unalterable at 53,900
  • Annual Earnings for high income concession is 250,000
  • Calculation details of AMSR extensive including priority for Fair Work appliance or State industrial instrument if exists, and guidance for when episodic information such as job surveys may be used


Occupations Exempt from Direct Employment


  • The laboriousness list including medical and selected other occupations is indeed unchanged from previous appliance 13/067. Will apply to new TSS/ENS/RSMS applications made Departure 18 March 2018


Subclass 482 visa and Subsequent Temporary Entrant Charge


  • Adds subclass 482 to the list of visas magnetize the charge if an applicant makes an circumlittoral application for a 482 visa while lordship one of the visas listed in Schedule 2


Subclass 482 Sponsorship Notification Method


  • Provides email address and form submitted via ImmiAccount as only prescript for SBS and temporary bustling sponsors to notify DHA of sponsorship events. Previous prescript by mail no longer available.


Designation of Sponsorship judgment for Automatic Computerised Approval



  • For intention of paragraph 495A(3)(b) of the Migration Act, permissiveness of sponsorship under Section 104E of the Act is added to the list of discretion that can be performed by a computer.


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