Fake  Visa
Fake Visa

New Delhi: An Indian living in Sydney has been arrested with a fake Australian visa, who allegedly took Rs 10 lakh to facilitate travel in his country, CISF officials said on Friday.

On Thursday, CISF surveillance staff observed suspicious movements of 2 passengers in the check-in area of ​​Terminal-3 at IGI Airport.

Officials said that Rahul Kumar bound for Sydney by Air India flight and Ravindra Singh bound for Mumbai were placed under manual and electronic surveillance.

Later, it was noticed that Rahul was not allowed by the airline for check-in as he was carrying a fake visa. He was stopped by the authorities for investigation.

Ravinder was an agent and entered the terminal to assist Rahul.

Officials said that fake visas and other travel documents were provided to Rahul after taking Rs 10 lakh.

Rahul had traveled from Kathmandu to Doha on a tourist visa from September 6 to 11 on Ravinder’s instruction so that he could be considered a genuine traveler during his trip to Australia on the basis of a foreign travel ticket in his passport, an official said .

Rahul & Ravinder were later handed over to the Delhi Police by the CISF & a case was registered below the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

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