Australia Visa

But the head of the firm driving over (SIV) significant investor visas in Australia – and attracting billions in capital for Australian companies – has claimed that country is already getting a “fair price”.

(SIV) significant investor visas provides a streamlined route for permanent-residency for migrants with $ 5 million to invest.

The significant investor visas program in Australia had been “a huge success”, leading to more than $ 11 billion in direct investment since its launch in 2012. Said by Andrew Martin, managing director of asset management at Moelis Australia,

“It is estimated that follow-on investment from significant investor visas investors is four to five times more than the mandatory $ 5 million, meaning that the capital invested in Australia could exceed $ 50 billion.”

In (2015) the program was tweaked to shift-investment towards venture capital and mixing companies and away from real estate.

But Immigration Minister David Coleman flagged this month that the Trade and Investment Visa Scheme – of which the significant investor visas is the title program – will be rechecked.

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