The main reasons for Australia PR Visa rejections?
Australia visa application

Among people wishing Australia is a popular choice to immigrate abroad. However, the process of obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa for Australia is a long and complex one. Several unfortunate immigrants also have to face visa rejections every year. 

Australia PR Visa application may be rejected For this top reasons  : 

  • Applying [under the wrong visa subclass] 

A major chunk of all skilled immigrants apply under the following subclasses: 

—-Subclass 189 Skilled (Independent Visa) 

—-Subclass 190 Skilled (Nominated Visa )

—-Subclass 489 Skilled (Regional (Provisional) Visa) 

The Subclass 189 and 190 are permanent visas while the Subclass 489 is a provisional visa issued for 4 years. Subclass 489 visa holders can, later on, apply for a permanent visa. 

The qualifying criteria of each of the above 3 visas are different. You should ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying under a specific visa subclass. 

  • Violating [the conditions of your previous visa] 

–Your PR visa application may be denied if it is found that you had violated the conditions of your previous temporary visa. Applicants who had overstayed their temporary visa may also face a PR visa rejection. 

  • Inconsistent or incomplete [information provided on the visa application] 

–Your PR visa application may be denied if found incomplete or if the information provided is inconsistent. It is highly advised to double-check your PR visa application before submission. Also, make sure to provide all the supporting evidence with your application as it will be scrutinized for any discrepancy.  

  • Not meeting [the health requirements of the visa] 

–If you have a health condition that the Australian authorities feel may be a burden on their medical system, your PR visa application may be denied. Health conditions such as TB, HIV etc often end with visa rejections. 

  • Not meeting [the character requirements of the visa] 

–Your PR visa application may be rejected if the Authorities find out that you have a criminal record. Your visa may also be denied if you have a history of harassing others or any association with a criminal organization. 

  • Not having [sufficient funds] 

–Visa subclasses like the Subclass 190 and the Subclass 489 require applicants to show maintenance funds as per the state they are applying to. Failure to show proof of having sufficient funds could get your PR visa denied, as per SBS News. 

  • Not getting [the required score on the English proficiency test] 

–Australia is pretty strict in terms of English language proficiency. If you do not get the required score on your English proficiency test, your PR visa application may be rejected. 

  • Inability [to clear the visa verification process] 

–Your PR visa application may be rejected at the final stage if you are unable to clear the health, character or any other verification regarding the information on your application…. Submitting false documents at any stage may also get you banned from entering Australia for several years. 

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