Three categories of skilled occupations
Three categories of skilled occupations
  • (MLTSSL) Medium and Long Term Skills Shortage List .
  • (STSSL) Short-term skills shortage list .
  • (Roll) Regional Business List .

However, there is a limit to the num of invitations that can be issued for each business called the employment,ceiling.

The employment ceiling gives you a good idea of ​​which businesses are in demand and which are not. For example, in 2019-20, the employment ceiling for nurses is 17,000. This shows that there is a huge demand for this business in Australia.

Below are the businesses with the highest employment ceilings for 2019-20:

Registered Nurses 17,509 
Software & Applications Programmers* 8,748 
Electricians 8,624 
Carpenters & Joiners 8,536 
Secondary School Teachers[SST] 8,052 
Metal Fitters & Machinists 7,007 
Motor Mechanics [MM]6,399 
Management consultant [MC]5,269 
Plumbers 5,060 
Solicitors 4,650 
Sports Coaches, Instructors & Officials 4,071 
Structural Steel & Welding Trades Workers 3,983 
Civil Engineering Professionals [CEP]3,772 
General Practitioners & Resident Medical officers 3,550 
University Lecturers & Tutors 3,407 

According to the Deloitte report, Australia will suffer from a lack of talent in key businesses. As writer David Rhumbens reports, the lack of talent will be isolated by industry but will be felt throughout the Australian economy. Construction, education, health, professional services and government. Services are five industries that may face a talent shortage of over 2 million in the future.

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