Australia is an amazing place to travel with its sun-kissed beaches, the exotic wildlife, or the fantastic bush walks. If vacationing in Australia is on your cards, here are some of the things that you should know before traveling there.

  1. Australia is huge: Never underestimate Australia’s size. While in Europe, if you drive for a few hours, you may have well crossed a couple of countries. However, in Australia, that would not even get you past one state. It is wise to fly distances longer than 600 miles. If you are pressed for time, it is better to plan day trips to 2 or 3 major cities. Trying to cover the whole of Australia in a couple of weeks will only make your vacation very stressful.
  2. Australia is expensive: You may need to budget at least a 100 AUD a day for your travel to Australia. A hostel bed in Sydney would cost you 40 AUD and you will not be able to get a meal for anything less than 20 AUD.
  3. Make flexible plans: Some of the best memories on a trip are often not planned. It is always great to meet fellow travelers and exchange travel ideas and tips. Hence, go ahead and mix with other travelers in a local B&B, hostel kitchen, or Airbnb. They may guide you to some amazing hangouts which you will not find in your guidebook.
  4. Explore the Australian outback: Lush green waterholes, fiery red hills, and scorched plains, there is a bit of the outback in every state. The best way to explore the outback is either on a bush walk or a road trip.
  5. The Australian sun is strong: The outback is not the sole reason why Australia is also called the “sunburnt country”. Hence, it is highly advisable to stay hydrated and use lots of sunscreen.
  6. The Australian Slang: Australian English has its own charm. So get used to your “G’day” and “Hey mate” while in Australia.
  7. Deadly creatures: Australia has some really dangerous animals. It has more snakes than any other nation across the globe. According to World Nomads, the Australian Museum in Sydney has ranked the 5 most dangerous animals in Australia. They are :
  • Box Jellyfish
  • Irukandji Jellyfish
  • Honey Bee
  • Bull Shark
  • Eastern Brown Snake

            It is best to keep away from these deadly creatures.

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