Australia's partner
Australia’s partner

Australia’s partner visa permit you to join your better half in Australia. However, applying for a partner visa to Australia takes time and dedication

Top 5 point you should know about partner visa:

It’s costly :

Partner Visas and possible Marriage Visas are some of the most costyly visas in Australia. In fact,  the visa fee has increased significantly over the years. 

The ongoing Partner Visa is AUD-7,715. The fees for dependent children under 18 years is AUD-1,935 per child. To adds a child who is over 18 but is still dependent on you, the fee is AUD-3,860. 

Aside from the application fees, you will also have to pay for police-clearance & a medical examination. Police-clearance can cost you AUD-50 while medical exam can cost anywhere in between AUD-220 and AUD-280.

Indiscriminate costs such as clearifying paper work or engaging a immigration agent should also be considered.

Time taking;

Department of Home Affairs is trying to fast track the department partner-visa application. However- the processing time is still long

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