• Visa-price: From $ 1.535
  • Nationality: Nationality does not affect the request for this type of visa as it can only be accessed by individuals who have previously studied in Australia (who have already passed the nationality filter on student visas). The requirements that must be met are others.
  • Request Mode: You can achieve this if you have studied undergraduate, postgraduate, master or doctorate (PhD) in Australia. In addition, you must have your current visa and you have not spent more than 6 months after completing your studies. These are the steps you should follow for applying online:
  1. Create a new account or start a session in ImmiAccount
  2. Attach your documents> Ensure that family requests are jointly processed. Each family member should have their application fee and documents related to their application.
  3. Pay the application fee. The request will not be processed until the fee has been paid. You can find more information in the links below at
  • Required Level of English: A total score of at least 6 with a minimum score of 5 for each of the 4 parts of the General IELTS

Can you work with TG visa?

Of course, yes: you can work with TG-VISA after finishing your studies in Australia.

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