Student Visa
Student Visa

The following is a detail of various regions / categories, which have been joined to fall under subclass-500. Students applying for & admitted to any of the following are valid to apply for a student-visa to Australia.

Independent ELICOS-Sector

Students can move to Australia for a short-term (ELC) English language course. Referred to as ELICOS or English Language Intensive Courses for foriegn Students, the courses lead to a Certificate I, II, III or IV. Courses usually vary in time.

Vocational-Education & Training-Sector

Training Sector & Vocational Education Students enrolled in a applicant Vocational Education and Training Course (VET) by a [TAFE] institute or a private university can apply for this subclass of visa. That all-important covers student enrolled in either of the following courses:

  • Certificate of I, II, III and IV (except ELICOS)
  • VET-Diploma
  • VET-Advanced Diploma
  • (VGC)Vocational Graduate Certificate
  • (VGD)Vocational Graduate Diploma

Higher Education-Sector

Higher Education Sector refers to Students that are enrolled in a applicant full-time higher-education course at a institute/ college or university. The following courses are maintain under this type of visa:

  • (Bachelor/Associate Degree) Courses at undergraduate level at a University
  • (master’s degree by coursework like MBA, MS, etc.) Courses for postgraduate level at a university
  • (diploma or advanced diploma like PGDBM, etc. )Post Graduate courses that offer a higher education

All-Important, these are courses that extend beyond annuly. However, they can also be of a less duration.

Post Graduate Research-Sector

This part refers to students enrolled for

  • Master’s degree ( research)
  • Medical degree(Doctors)
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