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Australia Visa

With the Australian government scouting for international skill under its new (GTV) Global Talent Visa, temporary residents seeking PR permanent residency feel they are being forced out with stricter requirements.

Some more recent changes in skilled-class visas by reducing Australia’s permanent immigration intake have led to fears that many temporary migrants may never be permanent in Australia.

Australia’s yearly permanent immigration intake has been decreased to 30,000 this year and last week the government has made the Global Talent Scheme permanent (GTSP) with 5,000 visa locations reserved within the 160,000 cap.

Under Australia’s migration plan level for this year, the number of skilled independent visas has risen to just 18,500 from 43,000 the previous year. With this permanent visa, expatriates can live and work in any place of their choice within Australia, making it the most prestigious visa.

With 5,000 visa locations moving into the Global Talent Scheme from this category, needs are becoming “almost impossible” for some applicants.

Gautam Kapil, an ICT trade analyst in Sydney, recorded his expression for his visa in May last year with 70 points of interest. He has since been waiting for an invitation from the immigration department. Although he is hopeful of improving his score in the points test, not much light will be seen at the end of the tunnel.

“I don’t know”, he says when asked about his visa prospects.

According to the recent details published by the Department of Home Affairs, only 100 applicants were invited to apply for this visa previous month, with a minimum needs of 85 marks for occupation of the ICT Business Analyst.

“This is the minimum needs & we are hearing that many invitations were given to people with 90–100 marks . Kapil said that there is no way I can go there.

Accountants seeking this visa currently needed 90 marks , while anyone with minimum 65 marks is valid to submit an expression of interest to apply for a visa.

Melbourne migration agent Juzhar Bajwa says many of his applicant have spent years studying & working in Australia, and now find themselves “locked out” by changing immigration intake.

SBS Punjabi said, “Many applicants have many years of experience in accounting, engineering and IT besides expensive university degrees, but they cannot make the cut, because there is a lot of competition and few visas are being issued.”

In 2017-18, Australia had more than two million temporary visa holders, of whom around 800,000 were international students. While there were 398,563 new enrollments of foreign students in 2018, only 13,138 alumni were granted permanent visas that year.

Mr Bajwa says it is becoming increasingly difficult for recent graduates to get (PR )permanent residency in Australia.

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