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Australia is currently the third most popular location for international students. Just as provocative, Melbourne is rated the second best city for international students in the all over world.


Many foreign students choose to study here because of the high education standards, buzzing social, cultural diversity and nightlife scenes.


Schools and employers all over the world distinguish qualifications from Australian schools and graduates from Australian schools are highly postulate after.


In some cases, completing an Australian distinction may provide admission to further visa opportunities in Australia, in particular the Graduate Visa program.


At Hammond Taylor, we have successfully helped both onshore and offshore students from thenceforth the world to study in Australia and obtain outstanding education eventuality.


Read a recent case study how we helped a client with a unintelligible Student Visa Introductory to obtain a subclass 189 Independent Skilled visa.


Student visa (subclass 500)


Our services include estimate your eligibility for the Student visa and follow up you to prepare the application including:


  • Demonstrating the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements based on your condition, education background, immigration history and any other episodic factors;
  • advising on agreeable documents to show financial efficiency;
  • the Student visa application process;
  • Follow up with the Department of Immigration and Border conservancy until a decision on Student Visa application.


Student Guardian visa (subclass 590)


Student Guardian visas potentially viable a person to accompany and support a student visa possessor who is under the age of 18.


More Info: –Australia Immigration Services

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