There’s only one place that has not had a retrograde in last 25 years and that’s the country we all call home: Australia.

Now that would build the chest of all politicians here to swell and rush to take reputation but all is not hunky-dory below the surface.

While it’s true that Australian economy has been saved of the recessionary feel abashed but if one looks at the employment numbers and the development of real wages, the picture becomes really colorless. Real wage growth has slowed down to just 1.9 per cent annually and what’s copious, the unemployment too has shot up to 5.75% So what gives?

Well, migration is deferment the economic engine well-oiled but it is also construction things difficult for those beforehand here—and that comprise a lot of new migrants too!

First of all, the concentration of migrants is incomprehensive to chiefly two big cities: Sydney and Melbourne. This afterwards sets off another chain of problems which is housing affordability and wage development. Housing prices in Sydney are up over 70 per cent in last 5 years and in some exemplification rentals are eating up over 50 per cent of people’s salary. There is no way it can be continuous for long.

If only two cities have to take the charge of not only new people coming in but also the thorough economy then we are staring at an proximate crisis.

A few things can be done to in cahoots spread the migrant population and also tackle the above-mentioned issues.

First of all, New South Victoria and Wales should do away with providing 5 points for state enrolment for skilled visas for a few years. This will stimulate prospective migrants to look for other states which provide the extra 5 points for state enrolment. As most of 457 visa holders also call these cities home, local businesses should be stimulate to set up bases in other cities so that some of these visa holders can be diverted to other cities.

A city like Adelaide which has such numerous infrastructure and affordable housing options finds no takers absolutely because people are not incentivised to look up to this fluctuation. Same is true for Western Australia which has the size of a thorough Europe but just 2 million people living there. Sydney, for illustration, has 6 million!

Let’s face it. Australia will need immigrants for numerous years to come now given its size and annual population development. But it is imperative that it is made a win-win circumstance for both the parties. While migrants will have a new home, the government of the day can further fuel the development engine through them.

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