Australia tourist visa
Australia tourist visa

To apply for the tourist visa, tourist are also needed to add the proper set of documents. Required information for getting the Australian tourist visa – Subclass-600 are as given:

  • Scanned copy of passport with all information page and the other pages with visa stamps.
  • Real passport with at least 1 page left blank.
  • Passport sized photograph of the tourist.
  • Provide information that prove the purpose of the visit
  • In case the tourist is going to visit family or friend in the country, they are needed to add an invitation letter from the same along with the evidence of the relation btw them as well as passport and status of the inviter. There are some cases that need an extra set of documents and those are as follows:
    • In case going to visit pregnancy of a daughter or daughter-in-law or any medical emergencies, the tourist is needed to add a letter from a medical doctor
    • information related to the traveling plans in case going for a holiday.
    • For student exchange, they need to add documents stating the arrangements for the same.
    • Need to provide with copies of financial documents with sufficient money to financially back their visit to the country
  • announcement by the relative/friends that they are willing to support the visitor for the time limit of their visit.
  • For the international students, they need to give proof of enrollment of the educational institution that will act as evidence that they will return to their home country after the visit.
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