Tamil Family
Tamil Family

There is growing popular support for this Tamil family across Australia. Gopika has attracted everyone’s imagination and humanity

Gokilabadmabriya Nadesalingam (Priya) and Nadesalingam Murugappan (Nades) fled to Australia due to the tension in Sri Lanka.

Both were granted temporary visas in Australia. The couple first met and married in Australia.

They have lived happily in Bilola, Australia. They have two daughters, Kopika (four years old) and Tarunika (two years old).

Priya and Nadez’s visa expired in January and February last year. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeal has ordered that Priya, Nadez and Kopika can no longer stay in Australia with their visas and must be deported immediately to Sri Lanka.

As such, the Melbourne refugee camp has been housed since March 8, 2019. Then, last Thursday, they were brought to the airport to take them to Sri Lanka. There is a big twist in the story.

When the plane was heading to Sri Lanka half way, the judge ordered them to return to Australia by phone. The two-year-old Tarunika visa has not yet been fully rejected or investigated by the government. So it was decided at the last minute to return the four war to Australia.

There is growing popular support for this Tamil family across Australia. In particular, it is no exaggeration if Kopika has attracted everyone’s imagination and humanity.

This Sri Lankan family that was living in Biloela should not be deported. They are good, hard-working people contributing to a regional community. Stop the fight- let them stay. #Biloela//

— Alan Jones (@AlanJones) August 30, 2019

Moreover, they have decided to stay in Australia until the case is over. It could take a few more months before the case is over. Until then they will be protected.

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