Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in Australia

An assessment process, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is used by RTOs to evaluate a person’s skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. It is through RPL, where you can get your work experience and skills assessed so that you can obtain a credible qualification through it. The qualification which you gain is based on the skills you learn on the work site and not the one in the class
room. It makes obtaining your qualification quicker and cheaper. It is cheaper as compared to a full qualification, because you’re not paying to learn things you are already know.

For instance, if you have worked as a nursing staff for many years, you might already be aware of the skills and knowledge that you would require if you studied the course in Australia. It is through RPL in Australia, where you can turn the skills and knowledge you have gained by working in the field.

What are the requirements for RPL?

The primary work requirement for an RPL in Australia incorporates a process where you need to be currently employed in a position that allows you to demonstrate the skills required for the unit and/or qualification. For instance, if you are applying for RPL of the programming units at Diploma level, you will need to hold a position where you accountable for planning and implementing the curriculum. This would enable the assessors to see you fulfilling the necessities of the unit to assess your competency. In addition to this, you will also need a supervisor in that workplace willing to sign you off on the competencies required.

How much does RPL in Australia cost?

Recognized Prior Learning in Australia come at a cost which varies depending on a lot of
factors including:

  • the place of assessment
  • the qualification you are looking to obtain
  • the amount of work goes into each assessment
  • previous work experience

In case, your qualification is financed by the Government of Australia there will be no
additional cost for the RPL process. But, if you are a self financed student and you have enrolled as a Fee-For Service student, the cost for RPL in Australia starts from $160 per unit and varies with institute.

How do I apply for RPL in Australia?

In order to make an initial assessment for RPL, you need to have following documents:

  • Job description
  • A recent resume comprising your work history, skills and knowledge
  • Transcripts of qualifications which you have completed
  • Any professional development or training you have attended

Note that this would be an initial assessment only. The number of units for RPL may increase or decrease throughout the RPL process depending on your prior skills and knowledge.


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